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I have lived in Germany for almost 30 years, (as a player for 9 years, a coach for 10 years, and investment advisor for the past 7 years).

Over this period of time I have gained a very good understanding of the problems and concerns a player may have coming into a new culture.

It is not uncommon to see a player's performance falter on the ice due to external problems away from the rink.

Such concerns can often be seen as insignificant by the teams, and they may be even exaggerated if the player is married, with children. I have seen many cases where the player's failure to adjust to the European game was directly related to unnecessary problems away from the rink. While the team management tries to make the player feel comfortable, there is a limited amount of time they have available for his daily interests.

My Career

Bill Lochead

Born Oct 13 1954 -- Forest, ONT

Professional Player Professional Coach

1988-99 Wolfsburg, Olten, Iserlohn, Ratingen, Kassel, Frankfurt (German and Swiss Elite Leagues)

Education Profession

1999-Present Professional Hockey Agent and Financial Advisor